Saturday, January 29, 2011

DaH naK start Stress~ [Peadiatric Post Test]

Selasa will be my post test for current posting in peads deparment~
and guess what, Dr. rizwan will be there as the examiner, all my groupmates were terrified from the news.
It just because he's so keen to ask us bout what Indonesian protocols rather then just let us answer in Malaysian protocols instead. MoreOver..we will work here in Malaysia..and, what the hell is he thinking actually?
 To read Malaysia Peadiatric Protocols POn daH CukuP Bagus Key!!! 
Then ask us to understand Their Protocols puLak kan?in which our answer nanti mmg confirm from Malaysia protocol la kan..
Ok la..ok La..macam susah Nak Paham pulak... Ni la buku protocol Malaysia =)

But we all suma 1 group mmg xpenah nampak n ada buku baku indonesia la celah mana pulak nak carik buku Indonesia kat dalam negeri malaysia ni..boleh mampus kot..
To all My groupmates~ GoodLuck!!
yang 1st day punya exam poN goodLuck..korang balik aku terus terpa korang hahaha~

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